About HFX Research B.V.

We are based in Valkenswaard between the high-tech region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and industrial development area of Mol in Belgium. 


The company aims on realising innovative projects and is keen on using the resources in the area that are available.
Also a corporation with the regional schools and university is in place for studies and internships. 

One of our drivers is energy reduction in standard applications. 
A new product will take time to bring to the market and will involve large investments. Retro-fitting proven tools will have a lower threshold for owners. In the end is return on investment what will move them across. 
Our philosophy is developing the systems on a modular base to accommodate a test setup that can be partly hired. 

It is nice to have a perfect solution, but is nicer to see a good solution being put to work!

Method of approach

Customers should feel free to come to us with a problem or even a partial solution. Where needed we can support the initial idea with our broad experience and develop a test application or proto type. To scale or full-size.

With the software packages we can assist in 3D modeling, prototype visualisation and even presentation animations. We are working with Inventor and Solidworks 3D software standard and we have partners for other platforms. Our experienced staff is Autodesk certified on expert level and have developed several interactive applictions with Ilogics and Visual Basic.

We have inhouse FAE capabilities and have good partner contacts for high complex non-elastic simulations.  We are used to construct and design under rules and regulations for Class and regulations.

The workshop is equiped with our own test facility for hydraulic testing of proto types. We operate PLC systems for test sequences and duration tests. We work with a close network of suppliers in the manufacturing of your products

Projects (under construction)